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2018 Toronto ADPKD Scientific Conference

{tab=Day 1}

Overview of PKD Pathobiology

Dr. Terry Watnick


Management of ADPKD in 2018

Dr. Ron Perrone

Tolvaptan and Beyond

Dr. Vicente Torres

Building Partnership With Patients to Enhance Clinical Care

Dr. Gavril Hercz and patient partners

Minisymposium on “Metabolic syndrome, Obesity, and PKD

Dr. Ravi Retnakaran

Cellular Energy Sensing and Metabolism

Dr. Greg Steinberg

Intermittent Fasting and Metabolic Homeostasis

Dr. Hoon-Ki Song

Open Forum for Discussion

{tab=Day 2}

Risk Assessment by Genetic Testing

Dr. York Pei

Total Kidney Volume (TKV) Measurements – Utility and Nuances

Dr. Korosh Khalili

Foam sclerotherapy for cystic kidney volume reduction

Dr. Eran Shlomovitz

Foam sclerotherapy for cystic kidney volume reduction: A feasibility study

Dr. Andrea Iliuta

Modern Management of ADPKD in UK and Europe

Dr. Albert Ong

Experience from the Centre for Innovative Management of PKD (CIMPKD)

Dr. York Pei

Interactive Case Presentations with Expert Panel

Expert Panel