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  vendredi 16 juin 2023
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My husband has had blood in this urine for a week and two days ago he started passing blood clots once a day. He saw his PCP yesterday and his urine test showed blood and protein but no white blood cells or nitrates to indicate infection. The urine was sent for culture to completely rule out infection. He has no other symptoms. He does not appeared to have foamy urine but it is bubbly. She gave him a referral to a urologist but it might be 2-3 weeks before he is seen and this is very concerning to us. The symptoms started maybe a day after he moved two nightstands and also fell against a stack of boxes he was carrying downstairs. Both of these activities pressed on his lower abdomen/pelvic area which is not currently sore. The timing may or may not be coincidental. It seems any related injury would be healed by now but I am not sure. We are wondering what this problem might be and if it is OK to wait so long for a urology appointment since the bleeding is not improving. Is there a possibility of acquiring sepsis in this situation? There has been no blood test done yet.

For any episode of gross haematuria such as you were describing, cystoscopy should be performed. There is always the possibility that depending on the degree of clots in the urine, that the bladder could become obstructed. I can't tell from your post whether or not that has been happening but when in doubt he should seek emergency attention. If the amount of blood is lessening, he still should have a cystoscopy but in that instance you might be able to wait. It is very difficult from my vantage point online to determine that. So if in doubt, I would seek emergency attention.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
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