Paul Tam, MD, FRCP(C), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Paul Tam is an active staff nephrologist at The Scarborough Hospital and the founding and current Medical Director of the Scarborough Regional Nephrology Program, established in 1996. This program is one the largest community nephrology program in Ontario, providing renal care to over 500 dialysis patients and over 2000 chronic kidney disease patients. Dr. Tam is also the Medical Director of two major Independent Health Facilities providing outpatient hemodialysis care in Ajax/Pickering and Peterborough. Furthermore, he was the former Chair of the Ontario Association of Nephrologists and Section Chair of Nephrology Specialty of the Ontario Medical Association. He has also served as a committee member of the Provincial Chronic Kidney Disease Advisory Committee and the Provincial PD Coordinating Committee.

As a nephrologist, Dr. Tam has continually pushed to promote easier access to dialysis and widespread renal care in the community. He manages the largest home-based dialysis program in Ontario and has been a pioneer in promoting peritoneal dialysis services for nursing home patients at Yee Hong, Mon Sheong and Rockcliffe Long Term Care facilities. Dr. Tam also helped develop a community seniors daycare program for the Carefirst Seniors & Community Services Association, a program that would provide social and health related activities to hemo and peritoneal dialysis patients.

Dr. Tam is also involved in other community services. He is a Director for the Carefirst Seniors & Community Service Association that provide various services to seniors in Ontario. He is also served as a Vice President for the Scarborough Chinese Outreach Committee (SCOC), which helped to raise fund over $1 million to The Scarborough Hospital.