Monday Morning Cases
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    Urinalysis Tutorial: Case 4

    A 70-year-old woman presents with constitutional symptoms for several weeks and acute renal failure. Creatinine rose from a baseline of 80 µmol per liter to 180. Urinalysis was...
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    Urinalysis Tutorial: Case 3

    A 65 year-old man presented to hospital with crushing retrosternal chest pain and was diagnosed with a transmural myocardial infarction. His background included a history of...
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    Urinalysis Tutorial: Case 2

    A 65 year-old man presents with lower leg edema, abdominal distension and fatigue. He has a previous history of colorectal cancer. Baseline investigations revealed normocytic...
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    Urinalysis Tutorial: Case 1

    35 year-old woman with small joint polyarthritis, pleuritic chest pain and photosensitive malar rash. On urinalysis she had 3 g/L of protein and the following was seen on...