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  3. Friday, 10 January 2020
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Hello doctor and thanks for your effort here :)
At first i want to apologize for any english mistakes because iam form Germany :)

Last year in april i had a UTI with staphylococcus and entereccocus, the treating started late because 3 doctors didnt had a clue it was a UTI.
Also one urine sample was clean

The 4th visit to an urologist revealed the infection after 28 days.
It was treated with Azithromycin i think its called Z Pack also.

On the second day when i took azithromycin i noticed a tingling sensation in the flank i felt the same a few days earlier in my bladder.

Again i was at the urologist he did a kidney ultrasound and stated there is no infection.

A few days after this i lost a small kidney stone.

I went to an other urologist and he detected proteines in my urine (50mg dl)

I was reffered to a nephrologist who did a 24hr urine collection in the middle of september
I had 85mg UTP and 1300ml of urine.
They also did a first morning void sample which showed no protein.
They took another sample around 11 .am
No protein in it.
They told me to come back in April and of the first morning void is clean iam safe and dont need to visit them again.

Do you think i can trust them ?
I never had protein in my urine before that UTI and iam scared it left permanent kidney damage.

I had bad luck with doctors last year for other reasons which is a part of my fear of kidney disease.

Thank you very much....
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If you have 85 mg of protein in your urine then this is within normal levels. You could also have a spot urine albumin to creatinine ratio done along with abdominal ultrasound and kidney function tests. If all are normal, I would conclude no significant injury occurred to the kidneys.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
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Thank you so much Doctor Weinstein :)
My labs where normal in September but i should take another test in april (first morning void) if this one is clean i dont need to see my nephrologist again

As i mentioned before i have trouble to trust again so iam happy someone like you a neutral doctor helped with this.
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