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  1. Mike
  2. General Nephrology Questions
  3. Wednesday, 13 November 2019
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Hi Dr,
I’m a 34 yr old WM, very foamy urine, serum Cr is 1.21 mg/dL. ACR is 3mg/g. UPCR is 66 mg/g. It seems that around 5% of total protein is albumin while the rest is non-albumin protein. What is the significance of this . Should I be worried or just be ok with a normal UPCR? I don’t read that a low ACR:UPCR ratio can indicate tubular pathology. Please help. I am very worried. Also I will have 24 hr protein results very soon and will update. Thank you
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I also want to add that I have a history of very heavy amphetamine abuse(adderall 600mg/day habit) but have been completely clean for 10 months now. I take a lot of medications, mostly psychiatric. They are Wellbutrin 300mg, Zoloft 250mg, naltrexone 25 mg, neurontin 600mg, viagra 40-80mg, clomid 50mg/48hr and anastrazole 0.5mg/twice a week. Do any of these meds have metabolites that can cause foam in my urine? Also I want to add that I am a hypochondriac and have been in bed shivering with anxiety from these test results . Please help . Thank you so much 🙏
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These tests are normal. I don't think that protein in the urine is playing any role in your experiencing foam in the urine - which, in the presence of normal protein excretion, is a benign finding in my opinion.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
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Wow, you actually responded quicker then my nephrologist could. I am grateful for your help in putting my worries at ease. Thank you Doctor.

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