Social media in nephrology education and training


Nikhil Shah

Study Acronym:


This is a randomized study to see if bringing social media into a nephrology fellowship improves educational outcomes. 

Question – Does systematic supplementation of local nephrology program education by a Nephrology Social Media Internship running concurrently improve the confidence and knowledge of first year nephrology fellows versus those fellows who do not receive systematic exposure. Inclusion criteria – All nephrology fellows joining in the first year of their nephrology training in North America. 

Randomization- 1:1 randomization to Nephrology social media internship in addition to regular training vs regular training only. 

Intervention • Students in the social media arm would receive: a curated biweekly list of discussions on social media, regular contributions to websites/blogs, exclusive access to specialized websites like which curate nephrology content 

Assessments of Fellows / Quantitative Data • quarterly evaluations in the form of examinations and an annual examination at completion of one and two years • Attitude Scale and self reported surveys - Fellows self evaluation of self confidence and competence. • All fellows will be followed up at 2 years and 5 years after graduation 

Primary Outcomes • Outcomes of Module Assessment Grades and Final Examinations and fellows self reported surveys at 1 year and 2 years. 

Secondary Outcomes • Number of research papers/ abstracts, posters presented • Survey of satisfaction and enthusiasm for nephrology • Additional fellowships eg Transplant, Research, Dialysis, Hypertension, Interventional Nephrology pursued.