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Atypical anti-GBM disease
I have a very challenging case to share and am looking for some guidance. A 32 M, previously well whose only past history is significant for regular cocaine use. He presents with a 4 month history of peripheral edema but no other specific sympt...
  1.   Started on jeudi 27 septembre 2018
Veltassa vs. ZS-9
If you have the time, I would be very very interested and grateful to hear your take on Veltassa and your own experience with it, (if you have had any) now that it has arrived on the market. Data does seem to indicate that it has a better safety prof...
  1.   Started on mardi 19 avril 2016
What is microalbuminuria?
What exactly is microalbuminuria? Should we test in all patients?...
  1.   Started on dimanche 11 décembre 2011
Nephrotic syndrome in a patient with recent malignancy
73 year-old man with 7.5 grams of urinary protein per day. [b]Past Medical History:[/b] [list="1"] [*]Hypertension x decades [*]Diabetes (HbA1C 6%, no complications) [*]Hypercholesterolemia [*]Prostate cancer PSA now, on hormonal replacement ...
  1.   Started on mercredi 10 août 2011
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