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Novel Tools to Teach Nephrology

Nephrology has become a field of medicine that is vastly expanding in knowledge and complexity. The number of students, residents considering the field of nephrology are declining every year. Lot of times the students consider nephrology as a difficult subject to grasp and hence have a "renal fear" to consider this field of medicine. To make nephrology more exciting and fun, and to add adjunctive tools of teaching, there have been attempts to develop interesting tools of teaching in nephrology. Websites like UKidney and others are one such example. E-learning can be used to enhance interest in nephrology. Other innovative tools have been tried as well ( crosswords, anagrams, role playing, concept maps) and we are hoping such tools will aid nephrology education and also enhancement of the field. Here are some links to publications that are reviewing some of these tools. Please give us your comments on these tools and how we can improve and make it more useful for all.

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