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Overcoming barriers to end-of-life decision making

This presentation is part of the Prevention in Renal Disease Meeting, Toronto, 2011. For the entire program, please click here


Dr. David Levine

Affiliate Investigator, Chronic Disease, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology and Kidney Research Centre, University of Ottawa

Dr. Levine has studied in vivo kidney tubular function in disease models for more than three decades. From 1980-1997, he was Head of the Division of Nephrology of the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa General Hospital. He fostered kidney research in Ottawa, with his own in vivo work emphasizing responses of living tubules to kidney disease. Currently, his work in the Kidney Research Centre focuses on mechanisms of deterioration of kidney tubular transport in diabetic renal failure a huge public health problem. Dr. Levine has had virtually uninterrupted support from MRC/CIHR for 40 years-until the year 2009. He is also the author of over 90 major publications.