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UKidney is a provider of educational tools for the study and practice of nephrology, hypertension management, and kidney transplantation. This site features essential educational contributions from major opinion leaders in nephrology.

New On UKidney

  • DOACs in Renally Impaired Patients

    This presentation by Dr. Jason Andrade reviews the literature on DOAC use with a specific focus on Edoxaban in chronic kidney disease.
  • Section 3 Program in ADPKD

    Apply expert consensus recommendations to identify and classify patients with ADPKD and recognize knowledge gaps and construct a plan to integrate recent evidence into practice.

  • Filtering the KDIGO Guidelines

    Listen to this engaging, case-based vodcast series hosted by renowned Canadian nephrologists and their guest peers as they converse about the recently published 2021 KDIGO guidelines

  • ADPKD Expert Interviews

    Renowned experts as they discuss and share their experience in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) management

  • Hyperphosphatemia

    This program emphasizes on the importance of hyperphosphatemia management in CKD.
  • ESC 2021 Update

    Join our outstanding multidisciplinary faculty as they discuss two landmark studies in cardio-renal medicine.
  • Hyperkalemia Channel

    Education in potassium and hyperkalemia management with a focus on novel therapies.
  • MRAs in Chronic Kidney

    Effect of MRAs on Chronic Kidney Disease Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes: Webinar and Ask the Experts.
  • Interactive Pathology

    A library of pathology images which you can explore. Important elements of the pathology will be highlighted as you over them.

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