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Case Studies of Hyperkalemia in Heart failure and Chronic Kidney Disease

  • About Presentations

    These patient case studies are part of a wider programme entitled ‘Hyperkalaemia in Cardiorenal Disease’. Watch these short videos, where Dr Burton presents a CKD patient at high risk of hyperkalaemia, and Dr Zieroth presents a HF patient with moderate to severe hyperkalaemia. After the videos have played, you can vote using the polls on how you would treat these patients. These cases, and their management strategy, will be discussed during a live roundtable. The panel will discuss emerging data and the changing landscape of medical management of hyperkalaemia. If you’d like to register for this roundtable, please enter your email after completing the polls.

    This programme is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from AstraZeneca and brought to you by Radcliffe Medical Education.

  • CKD patient at high risk of hyperkalaemia

    Dr. James Burton
    Professor of Renal Medicine
    University of Leicester, UK
  • HF patient with moderate/severe hyperkalaemia

    Dr Shelley Zieroth
    Professor at the College of Medicine
    University of Manitoba, Canada