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Kidney Health - Spreading the Word

In the midst of National Kidney Month, Mediaplanet will join National Kidney Foundation to release a comprehensive report on Kidney Health.  Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a serious condition associated with premature mortality, decreased quality of life, and increased health-care expenditures.  A staggering 26 million Americans currently suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease.  Despite advancements in treatment for CKD, the prevalence of the disease has shown a steady incline. This is largely attributable to the increased instance of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension - the leading risk factors for the disease.    Furthermore, the strong correlation between these highly preventable conditions and CKD also indicates the preventability of Kidney Disease. 

Frustratingly, Chronic Kidney Disease is symptomless until it enters the later stages; by then, it is irreversible and incurable.  In most cases, the disease could be prevented by implementing a healthy lifestyle, managing preexisting conditions, and reporting for regular screening if you are high-risk segment of the population.

The Kidney Health Report will unite Americans in the fight against Chronic Kidney Disease and related disorders.  Prevention starts with knowledge.  By educating readers on the important role that kidneys play in their overall health and the preventable risk factors associated with CKD, we will empower them to take the proper precautions, starting with simple lifestyle changes that can protect these vital organs.  

Kidney Health: Spreading the Word,” which will reach a targeted distribution in USA Today on April 29th, 2011. The report will be released in Detroit, Dallas, Boston, Atlanta, and New Orleans. In order to improve this important document's reach, we have reproduced it here for the UKidney visitors.