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Role of renal biopsy in TMA management

Presenter: Dr. Michael Mengel


Dr. Mengel is Chair and Clinical Department Head for Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the University of Alberta and with Alberta Health Services in Edmonton, Canada. As a sub-specialized Transplantation and Renal Pathologist, Dr. Mengel is engaged in various international sub-specialty societies related to nephropathology and organ transplantation: Past Chair Transplant Diagnostics Community of Practice in the American Society of Transplantation; Board member with International Banff Foundation for Allograft Pathology; President of the Canadian Society of Transplantation; Board member with the Renal Pathology Society.

He studied medicine at the Semmelweiss University in Budapest, Hungary before going on to specialise in pathology and further in transplantation pathology and nephropathology. Before moving to Edmonton, he provided transplant pathology service at the Hannover Medical School, Germany. Dr. Mengel has published widely in his field and his current work is focused on applying molecular techniques to biopsy specimens, with the aim to increase diagnostic precision in organ transplantation.