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  Thursday, 30 May 2019
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Hello, recently applied for life insurance, had to take med exam, urine test ect. The compant came back and almost denied me, wouldnt offer a longer term than 10 year.
Im very concered it says 4-20 is nornal and mine came back 133, im not diabetic not have kidney issues, bp is 80/120 on test. 62 yo caucasian male, 6.0 300lbs. Please kf someone could give advice I would greeatly appreciate it. Every single other thing they tested for was smack dab middle of normal range
Hi there,

I would need to see the exact units of the lab tests performed. A screen shot would be most helpful - but please omit your name or any identifying data.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
3 years ago
Hello Dr Weinstein,
Thank you for responding back to my post/inquiry. I really appreciate it, Ive read up quite a bit about what could cause a inordinately high protein count and almodt all of them are horrifying.
I am still trying to get access to the records online as soon as I do i woll post them.
I do remember a few, the main one being the protein around 133 and the expected range is only 13-20. While Im not a doctor, the only thing that doesnt have me in a panic attack is that I feel like my near perfect levels for blood pressure, cholesterol and some others would rule out most ofthe serious causes.
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