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  Saturday, 10 March 2018
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To perform plasmapheresis, most of the literature I have read describe preparing albumin at 5% together with saline solution, but I have seen on some occasions that some doctors prescribe ringer's lactate, is this practice correct?
Additionally, if I have a 70-kilogram hematocrit patient of 38, in whom I wish to perform plasmapheresis with a 1-volume refill, how to prepare the solution with albumin 5% and saline solution (70-30, 50-50)?
Thanks in advance.
Hello there,

I have forwarded this question to one of the plasmapheresis experts at our hospital. Please stand by.

6 years ago
Hi Alberto,
I'm an Apheresis Nurse at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Canada and the President of the Canadian Association of Apheresis Nurses. I would very much like to help you out with your question, but I am not sure I am interpreting your question properly. In Canada, our Albumin is prepared and shipped to all hospitals by Canadian Blood Services so we do not actually prepare the product in house. I am assuming this is not the case where you work. I can tell you that normal saline is an excipient in each bottle of Albumin that we use, however, I would have no insight how to reconstitute of mix Albumin with any solution. I can tell you though that NS and RL are not used as replacement fluids in Plasmapheresis across Canada. I hope this addresses your question and if not please let me know.
6 years ago
Hello, thanks for the answer. Let me clarify. In my environment we prepare the replacement solution in this way, we have 20% albumin for 50 ml, for example, if we perform a plasmapheresis total volume of 2800 ml; We took 14 jars to take it to 5% and the rest with a crystalloid solution, in my practice I use saline solution, others use even 1.5% dianeal solutions, but I have never read to bring the total volume with ringer lactate. This last one is my doubt, Thanks in advance any help, and if you can explain to me in your practice how they make the preparation of the replacement solution.
6 years ago
Hi Alberto, I asked our Transfusion Medicine Director if she had ever heard of Albumin being reconstituted with RL. She hadn't, but suggested you check the monogram for Albumin. We cannot comment on preparing the solution because in Canada, Albumin solution is manufactured in a factory and purchased by our hospitals. The only thing we do is hang it. The same goes for the US as well. Sorry I cannot help you more.
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