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  Sunday, 02 December 2018
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51, c, female, healthy, exercise min 1 hour per day.

Recently had A LOT of lab work at both hospital lab and independent lab. I had three creatinine (serum) tests a week a part or so at the hospital lab which were 1.1, 1.0 and 1.1. (I attached a summary I created for historical data) I asked my primary if we could do a Cystatin C because my GFR fell between 45-60. (52/58 -MDRD) He wasn't familiar with the test so didn't order it but referred me to a Nephrologist. I did do an ultrasound (normal - attached), regular urine test -normal/no protein and a 24 hour creatinine clearance which was 65.

I went to LabCorp and Quest myself for the Cystatin C ,creatinine and BUN so everything would be in one place for the Nephrologist. My creatinine came back at .72 and .83 and Cystatin C was .79 and 1. (All came back normal based on their lab reference) It does appear they measure creatinine differently. Which is more accurate? My hospital lab uses MDRD and everyone else appears to use CKD-EPI which matters to me because it changes which bucket I fall into. (technically)

Fast forward to this week, had a visit with the Nephrologist. He doesn't think I have kidney disease but wanted to reserve final judgement after he reviewed the labs he ordered for a ALBUMIN/CREAT URINE RATIO which is 22.9. (attached)

In summary - I have an elevated creatinine from my normal .9 to 1.0-1.1 in the hospital lab. All other labs are coming back normal and have no family history of kidney disease, diabetes and I don't have hypertension. (100/70) My questions are:

1. Do I have CKD?
2. What questions should I ask based on my labs/history?

Thank you,

The CKD classification is very crude.

What we could likely say with confidence in your case is that at worst, you have a mild reduction in kidney function with normal albumin excretion. So if you have a mild reduction of kidney function based on these tests, it is very unlikely to ever progress unless you had uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension or unless some other underlying disease is present (unlikely in the absence of other signs/symptoms/lab findings). However, based on what you have provided, there is nothing concerning going in. The best way to confirm this is to observe that creatinine does not deteriorate over time.

As always, this forum provides general medical information only and is limited to educational use only. Please discuss the above remarks with your health-care provider.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
5 years ago
Any thoughts on why the independent lab results reports .72 and .82 creatinine but the hospital results were 1.0 and 1.1.

Should I make minor adjustments to my diet to ensure my creatinine stays in acceptable ranges for the future?

Thank you so much for the information, very helpful and reassuring that your take is exactly the same as visit I had with the local Nephrologist.
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