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  Monday, 03 December 2018
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Hi Radical left nephrectomy has to be done on Mar 31st 2018 due to incidental Clear cell RCc.

Please advise on the following Creatinine level as of-
April20th 1.22 (<1.55)
July 20th 1.37 (<1.22)
Nov 21st. 1.55 (<1.22)

Is there any thing to be scared for a type 2 diabetic patient ?

Thank you in advance.

By any chance do you know these numbers from prior to surgery? Do you know the amount of protein present in your urine, if any?

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
5 years ago
Thank you for your prompt response.
Kindly advise on the following

RCC was found out in March & radical nephrectomy done in a week's time with biopsy result as
(pT3a pN0).

Prior to surgery-

Creatinine Serum in last January(RCC not identified) is .72(Ref range 0.2-1.2)
eGFR-119.7(Ref range>85)


Creatinine Serum in March 22 nd(RCC identified) is .73 (Ref range .7-1.2)
CRP-C Reactive Protein Serum 90.50 (Ref range<5)

After surgery
Creatinine Serum during discharge time/4th April - 1.02 (.7-1.3) Protein total 7.6(6.4-8.3) A/G Ratio 1.3(1.1-202)
Creatinine Serum 20 April 1.28 (<1.5)
Creatinine Serum July 10th -1.37 (.6-1.2) Urine micro albumin ratio- .83 (0<30)

Creatinine Serum November 29th-1.55 Urine micro albumin ratio- 1.5 (<25.5)

Thank you

As someone with diabetes, it is reassuring you have no protein in the urine. Your creatinine rose on the November blood work but I would not draw any conclusions until it was clear this was a persistent trend on repeat creatinine tests. Are you on any medications including over the counter medications (painkillers etc)?

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
5 years ago
Medicines for diabetics only.

Januvia 100mg & Panteprazole 40mg- 1time before food

Amaryl 1mg -1time before food at night

Crestor 5mg 1 time every alternative days

So if we have to repeat creatinine test for any change in result,when should we take it next?please advise.

It can be repeated a month after the most recent one.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
5 years ago
One more help,can creatinine level go up because of last 2 weeks food patterns (protein intake little high) or any relationship between creatinine range and weight gain.
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