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  3. Saturday, 31 March 2012
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My 2 1/2 yo daughter has been having at least a tablespoon of what looks like wet talc in her morning urination only for about 3-4 monthes.  After seeing the pediatrican, I caught her morning urination 3 times and the doctor did a cath on her twice, each time the results from the lab were that there wasn't any material.  Then she had her first bed wetting accident, I changed her underwear and saw that the underwear had acted as a filter(it looked like baby powder that had been wetted).  I bagged the underwear and took it to the pediatrician, who immediately put in a referrel to a nephrologist.  She also has Celiac disease and multiple food allergies.  We can not get into the doctor for a little bit and i was wondering if there are any ideas on what could be going on.  She has no complains of pain with urination or freq urination.  But she does occasionally complain that her lower back hurts.  Also, her urine analysis is showing up with + 1 blood, but no RBC.  The pediatrican saying she has never seen anything like it.
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Hello there,

1. Has your daughter had an ultrasound looking for kidney stones
2. Has the material been analyzed at the lab to see its composition?


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