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  Wednesday, 19 December 2018
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My problem is foam in urine.
This are my results over a year with proteines by dates...
18.07 - 30mg/dl
27.07 - negative
2 times august - negative
25.09 - 100mg/dl
27.09 - 30mg/dl
30.09 - negative
04.12 - negative
09.12 - 30mg/dl
15.12 - 24h biuret - 50,75mg/dl

27.07 - 82umol/L
29.09 - 80umol/L

Blood works -good
Few ultrasounds- good

29.09 - Albumin 50g/L i globulin 24g/L

If i pee direct to water it will foam much, and clean in 10 mins except sides of toilet.
If i pee in glass and urine on urine, foam occurs.
If i piss slow on side of toilet, ot glass no foam or a little.

This foam can be heard pooping like coca cola juice.

So, basically it drpends on day which i choose to check urine and one or another i will have 1+ or negative...
This is why I did 24h test, and collected 1,75l urine.
Fimding only 50,75mg is releaving, but im still not sure why it spikes at days and hide at other days.
I drink lot coffe, i eat a lot of red meat and fried, if that can spike them to appear.
5 years ago
I wrote 50,75mg/dl in 24h urine, it is actually 50,75mg/1,75l.

Foam in the urine is caused by protein, even in small amounts - there is always a small amount under normal conditions. The amount present in your 24 hr urine (which is the gold standard for measuring urine protein) is normal. I would not be concerned about these findings. The urine dipsticks are quite inaccurate tests and might show trace protein levels if you are dehydrated. I would use the 24 hr urine as the accurate test for your urine protein levels - and the amount you indicated is normal.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
5 years ago
Thanks doctor.

I don't believe its accurate either.
My nephrologist wants to follow up that on spot tests every few months, but I did 24h urine test on my own to check it, as I google about that much.

Never in my life I ate salty food, I take so much fluid daily, and a year ago if someone would ask me for which organ you garantue is heqlthy I would say kidneys.

This findings all year arr a big shock for me and absurd for what is recommended to keep kidneys healthy.

My nephro told me it coukd be due to read meat, due that i am very tall but thin and many other factors.

Indeed, he was laughing on spot results, and he wrote without 24h being avaible to him, that i lose atound 100mg/dl, afterwards is writen that this dies not give clinical image for proteinuria.

It all started probably with UTI february this year, i was constant peeing i was put on many antibiotics, and at end on summamed, which finally helped.

But yeah, foamy urine is there, always will be white foam on top of my urine except if i dont pee with stream to water or urine on urine.

Coffee and red meat is constant in my life, so one more oportunity of this nephro sees in that, sinuses or bad teeth bone or something like that.

Also i have urologist who follow this all year, he was constantly saying this is nothing, it would either raise on higher levels tgis year not be like this on and off, and many factors can affect that, he was strong about that foamy urine means nothing and sedimentation is important.
He also google about that to see what i was googling to became worried.
Than he says, i would be dead if its like google says, proteinuria is above 1g.which should be treated, and even than you can live all life woth that.

All in all, i still think much about this, and not sure why is this happening, but you are 100% right...
I hold my 1,75l urine in fridge foraround 12h before they call me tgat analisys is ready to be done, and it was analized for long 6-7h, so i believe there are littlr chances of mistake and spot tests in my clinic were always done in 5 minutes wgich is probably dipstick testing as it too short period for deep analizing.

I am anxiety person, dg with anxiety few years ago, and if i dont solve problems fast in life i get more and more health problems, and its great to be able for 24h trst without any docs, labs do it, so i can finally put myself at ease.

Thanks again.
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