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I am a male, 30 years old, always thin, around 65kgs,and tall around 185cm.

I am dealing with urine problem for one year.
And I am looking for confirmation that everything is okay or it is not okay.

I will start from the beggining.

February 2018 - weird right testicle feeling, like dull ache in testicle chords.

March 2018 - urologist ultrasound of kidneys and other urinary organs were clean, and palpation of testicles were great.

Later March 2018 - burning or hurting urination, som days constant urination, other days everything normal, trsticle dull acge goes on and off.

April 2018 - testicles ultrasound woth kidney ultrasound were clear.

May 2018 - testicle dull ache slowly disappeared, even today happens rare, little weird pain or burning while urinating persist in some days, in others were fine.

June 2018 - internist ultrasound were fine, blood works were fine, urine had 30mg/dl proteines. I was given ciprox for 2 weeks for possible UTI.

Late June 2018 - still urinating frequently in times, in other times urinating normaly. Urologist visit, again ultrasound clean no urine test, just Azithromycin, even thought i never had sexual intercourse in life, doctor stated it can cure almost all other bacteries too.
At this point creatinine in blood was 80ummol/L.

August 2018 - better after this medic, rare frwquent urinating, tests show no proteines in urine.

September 2018 - frequent urinating almost disappeared, this time i read for foamy urine on net, and first time checked is mine foamy, it was foamy.
Imidiatelly did checks...
Blood test was good.
Urine shows 100mg/dl around 25 september.
Sent on proteinogram...
Albumim 50 g/L
Globulin 23
Creatinine in blood 82ummol/L

Week later repeated urine test and 30mg/dl proteines were found
Again repeated test one more week later proteines were negative.
December 2018 - urine test negative proteins and 6 alkaline
Again urine test week later, 30mg/dl proteines and 7 ph.
Went to nephrologyst, who stated this is probably not anything clinical and his diagnosys were like that and to check standing urine spot and laying urine spot in march 2019, and in case over 100mg/dl is found in any, than 24h utine test should be done and again proteinogram.

Later this week I was thinking why would doctor wait if this happens all year, its not something that will just go away, or he is waitting will it go worse...

Anyway, i decide by myself that is best to do 24h urine, so it was done and two times.
Both time i hold urine in fridge as i read on net its best to do that way before bringing it to labs.

15 december - 50,75mg/1,75L(24h)
23 december - 65,67mg/1,99L(24h)

I dont feel any other symptom except foamy urine right now.
In morning its the most foamy, covers surface imidiatelly when start pissing directly to water, and half or more of it will stay even after 5 minutes.
Durring day it is less, usually covers sides of toilet with bublles after 5 minutes.

After flushing small amount circle will stay on top of water.
If i drink lot of just water, it makes me pee more, and this time it will be the least foamy.

I drink a lot of coffee.

I really want to know am I healthy or not, I am a full year on ultrasounds, blood checks, urine checks, and doctors just saying repeat this time, repeat this time.

Isnt it enough 1y. of testing to know is person fine or not.
As I was missing this 24h urine only, i did it too and twice, i dont know what to do else, i am not hypohondar, i just care because i read foam is dangerous.
1 month ago
I love you all here! I've got such a relief and hope after reading your stories. My urine i foamy in the morning and it may go to NOTHING at all during the day. I've been so obsessed with that thing DAMN! Felt like wasting 6 months out of my life. I was drinking a LOT OF DAMN coffee. And no that i've read your stories i'm gonna go straight and cut out that motherfuckering bitch (the coffee).
I'm gonna go for a 24h urine test after a month as Marcus said:
"relax...stop coffee...and then give it about a month before you see the changes."

I'm a professional programmer that has cut out his gym sessions :( due to HARD CODING SESSIONS...Damn!
I was 18 years on gyms, heavy weight lifting in my gym sessions and never ever had any issues...
Please pray for me to God for my urine tests to be as shine as the sun! :)
Note: I've been in the hospital (in the emergencies) because i used a piece of cotton that has absorbed some amount of a detergent (whitening for the laundry) and i've forgot about that and i used that piece of cotton to filter my water. LMAO and i was curious about that but awful taste. Then i've remember what this taste was familiar to what smell in my bathroom and i've run to push myself to puke. I couldn't puke out the whole water. A small part of it only :( And i went to the hospital. They had some blood tests on me (3-4 hours after the incident) and the doctor told me that the blood tests WERE EXCELLENT! No way...! :D What i want to say is "if i had any kidney problems, wouldn't have appeared in the blood tests? Anything???
Well! That was my story.
PLEASE PRAY FOR ME and I LOVE YOU ALL! I've got much of a relief! Really!
1 month ago
I've had foamy urine for years; urine can be foamy for many reasons, besides kidney malfunction. In my case, I have been able to reduce the amount of times I get foamy urine, and have noticed that what I eat has a STRONG influence on whether I get bubbles or not. A distinction needs to be made between just "bubbles", and "foam". I get bubbles that do stay until flushed sometimes. Plentiful foam is a concern, bubbles are not.

I get bubbles when I urinate after eating dairy, and also after I eat carbs. IN the last 8-months, I do not get bubbles if I am eating a ketogenic diet, with VERY low carbs and dairy. I have also been able to improve my health from being too addicted to carbs (hyper-insulinemia, pre-diabetic, etc...) and have lost 20 pounds. I still drink coffee, but that seems to not cause bubbles, as many times I urinate with no bubbles after my routine 2-3 cups for breakfast. Besides breakfast I do not drink coffee during the day.

I am a 63 year old, with a GFR score of 90 -- so I know my kidneys are working quite fine.

I've stopped eating too much bread, cookies, muffins, etc., and have increased my intake of good natural fats and green veggs, but no potatoes, no rice, no pasta, nothing made from grains (as much as I can keep it up -- I do slip sometimes). Quite contrary to what many people believe, the human body does not need carbs to work fine.

I also used to have gout. Since I've dropped the weight, and changed my diet, I have not had any more attacks, it's been a year. I used to feel pain in my toes as soon as I ate a couple of cookies, not anymore.

Drop the carbs. Get checked for high insulin (the A1C test is worthless, do oral fasting sugar and insulin tests, to determine if you are pre-diabetic, or in metabolic syndrome, and if so take steps to get back to normal. You do not have to go full keto, but limit your carb intake. Eventually you will notice no bubbles at all when you pee. Like I said, sometimes I do get bubbles, and it is when I've eaten dairy or carbs.
1 month ago
Same story. Thanks for all your stories! Made 2 dipstick tests in the last 3 weeks. Both negative. Hopefully than it's not so bad? Will check the urine at urology in November.

@Dr. Jordan: Can there be a link between the varicocele(testicle pain) and foamy urine?
6 months ago
Am a Male 28yrs I have foamy urine for about 2yrs , all kidney ultrasounds , urinalysis, CBC is normal but my bones are getting weaker each day and prone to breaking but not a single doctor has found the cause, Am really sick worried, anyone with such a condition 😥😥😥

I would ask your doctor to order a 24 hour urine for calcium excretion. The foam could be from calcium-phosphate or oxalate sediment caused by hypercalciuria (a calcium leak) which could also explain osteopenia (weak bones - assuming that has been objectively measured by a bone density analysis).

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
6 months ago
Am a Male 28yrs I have foamy urine for about 2yrs , all kidney ultrasounds , urinalysis, CBC is normal but my bones are getting weaker each day and prone to breaking but not a single doctor has found the cause, Am really sick worried, anyone with such a condition 😥😥😥
7 months ago
Having the same issues as stated above. 24yr old male. Had testicular torsion and epididymitis at 16. Random bouts of testicular pain over the next few years. At 21 foamy urine started. No discernible reason. Have had full kidney function tests, diabetes tests, sexual health tests. All normal. Nothing untoward. I am very active with sport and consume a fairly high protein diet. I find with more protein my urine foams more. Try to drink at least 3L of water per day. Urine extremely foamy in morning, like a bad pint of beer. At night tends to be foamy. Persistent feeling of slight pressure or bubbling in bladder and lower abdomen. Blood markers all normal too. Unsure what to do
7 months ago
Thank-you, this was helpful
8 months ago
It felt so relieved to come across this, i am having constipation for a month and IBS for a week and did urine test, which came out normal, and i quit drinking tea for 3 days and didn't have foamy pee, yesterday i drank tea and after drinking a glass of water at night, had the urge to pee in 20 mins or so and the pee had foam, so i guess caffeine is the thing i have to totally quit to not have this, searching about foamy urine has been a nightmare because everywhere it says it is because of dehydration (while i was not dehydrated at all), or due to diabetes (this one scared the hell outta me) or protein (which wasn't true as i had urine test 2 days ago and it came out normal). Any one else want to state other reasons for this one time foamy urine, the rest only small bubbles?
8 months ago
[*] Fomy urine mostly not cause of concern if it present frequently and protein level below 100 continuously than its a cause of concern
If you eat a lot of protein it's also cause excessive amount of protein in urine
A hard exercise cause also excess protein because it's burn calories and break some damaged fiber muscle inside the body due to which you have a lot of protein
Dehydration also cause fomy and cloudy urine
If you have a symptom like fomy urine with colour change frequently and decrease urine output than than its a cause of concern
If your urine have cloudy and dark brown colour with pain it's also a cause of concern because your skeleton muscle break down due to exercise and it's also damaged the kidney permanently you quickly go to doctor for dialysis
And searching for your symptom in doctor Google also make you anxious and probably in future all of you who search their symptoms from Google suffer from a mental illness(hypochondriasis) or anxity because Google always tell you about serious diseases
Thank you
9 months ago
Been experiencing same signs here for two weeks now ...foamy urine although no testicular sension ...just muscle cramps at night on different parts of my body ....prior to the foamy urine symptom I've been having thick yellow-colored urine only clears when I drink so much liquid....I wanna go for a test here in Lagos ...if be needing recommendations...thanks
9 months ago
Lately, I have examined 2 of my friends for the matter of bubbles and foam. Ladies and gentlemen, these bubbles are absolutely normal. Do not worry about it. Just do a General Urine Examination the first thing after you woke up. If the results are clean, forget about it. Almost all the people are the same. This is normal. No health issues are related. These internet information that worried all of us is completely different thing. If your bubbles go away with 1 or 2 flushes completely, you are completely safe and healthy. Take my word and thank me later. :)
[email protected] ... feel free to ask any question if you are still worried. I have gone through too much till I figured this mess out.
9 months ago
Just wonder about this urine bubbles, I seems to have them ever since I can remember, I there any big problem with me. Nowadays if I drink those bottle or can drink I have bubble free urine. Can you assist. Thank you
10 months ago
10 months ago
My symptoms are exactly like yours. From the testicle ache, to the weird burning sensation that comes and goes.

Foamy urine too. ACR was 3mg/g. Dipstick showing negative. 24hr protein showed <80mg. Some days pretty foamy, other days not as bad.
10 months ago
This page is SUCH a relief. Almost all the same symptoms, exactly! I am still undergoing testing, but I had bloodwork last year and my kidneys were as good as they have ever been. I have normal BP, no exposure to anything that would damage them, and no diabetes, as far as my last bloodwork went. Literally no other symptoms of any problems other than foamy urine and minor testicle pain in the right testicle. The epididymus on that testicle does feel larger, like it is swollen a little bit. Confirmed no UTI.

Checking in with a urologist ASAP, but covid has things bungled where I am. This page has given me some hope.
11 months ago
Hi. I thought I'd add my experience to help others.

I have also had this same issue for almost 2 years.

Negative results from the doctor's, yet the foam was persistent.

I don't have any specific answers, but I can share what has helped me.

First I quit coffee. Although it did help a bit, it did not get rid of the foam entirely. But, it did help a lot.

Next, I quit smoking. For the first 40 days there was no difference, but after 60 days or so, I noticed s big change.

Lastly, I cut down on sugar. That also made a huge difference. The final part of the puzzle was drinking water more often.

Now that I'd don't have coffee, I don't smoke, I rarely have refined sugar and drink plain water more regularly, the foaming has stopped.

The kidney is responsible for removing caffeine and nicotine from the blood stream. So quit the smoking and stop (or reduce) the caffeine. If your are under stress (like I was), this will contribute to your foam as your kidneys also have to help remove your excess cortisol.

Lastly, if your having high sugar or carbohydrates, then reduce those too to help further.

So, you might find it helps to relax, stop coffee, stop smoking and drink good old plain water...and then give it about a month before you see the changes.

My foam hasn't gone sometimes happens a little...but only when I let stress get the better of me.

Give your body and yourself a break.

I hope this helps.

11 months ago
For me, caffeine intake (coffee/soda drink) does increase the foamy urine.

If the specialists did not find anything wrong in your urine/blood tests, I would not worry. You can retest maybe 1 or 2 years later and they can compare the results.

In general of thumb, reducing sodium intake, eating more fruits/veggetables and fish like salmon or sardines/herrings (omega 3), can help to maintain good health in general.
11 months ago
Well this article made me feel a lot better I have sometimes for me or if I don't drink enough water and I was worried. Still going to do the test to make sure everything is good but glad to know the seems pretty common with men. I generally feel obstinately fine lots of energy I sleep good and thank God I don't feel anything symptom wise. Just sometimes the urine is foamy and sometimes disappear instantly or lasts up to around 45 sec on average. Thanks for sharing everyone. And testicle pain. I do feel that very randomly and rarely but, seems common.
11 months ago
I thought I was alone. I’ve been stressing over she same problems for about a year too! I had the testicular pain for a while and still do get it every now and then. I was diagnosed with a Varicocele. Very, very foamy urine especially in the morning. My tests came out all normal though.
1 year ago
Foamy urine for two yrs. No testicular pain. Reports were all normal. However, I do feel my bones have become weaker more prone to injury. There is a good article I read which tells that only one third of patients with foamy urine actually have proteinurea.
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