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  Saturday, 09 February 2019
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A question about these labs...

Mircroalbumin <1.2 mg/dL
Creatinine, urine 26.7 mg/dL
Microalb/creat ratio 44.9 mg/gcreat

The ratio seems to be high, but how can I have Microabuminia if there is a less than a trace amount of microablbumin?

Seems a bit odd and I am having trouble interpreting.

I am a type 1 diabetic. 40 years old, diagnosed 6 years ago (very late, odd diagnosis).

Maintain an A1C from 5.4-5.8 the last 5 years.

I am a runner and run about 40 miles a week.

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You are right, this is strange. Based on your urine creatinine, the ratio of 44.9 would mean the albumin concentration was EQUAL TO 1.2 mg exactly, even though the lab reported it has LESS THAN 1.2. If that is the case, you would have microalbuminuria. I would repeat the test after abstaining from exercise for a week as we know that can spuriously cause microalbuminuria. I would also confirm with the lab what exactly they recorded for this test - was it actually 1.2 and not LESS THAN 1.2 - which usually means undetectable. If you truly have microalbuminuria on at least 2 samples spaced 3 months apart, as a type 1 diabetic, you might consider going on an ACE inhibitor or angiotensin receptor blocker.

I can only base my opinion on the information provided and your health-care provider might arrive at different conclusions once you have provided an entire history and had a physical examination performed. As always, this forum provides general medical information only and is limited to educational use only. Please discuss the above remarks with your health-care provider.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
5 years ago

My doctor said a similar thing, on 3/26/18, then we redid the test about a month later and the ratio was 21.3. This month it is back over 30, so just thinking more about it.

I think that <1.2 is less than 1.2 and not 1.2, which makes the results more confusing. I am not entirely sure what "normal" values would look like.

Should I be concened about the low amount of Creatinine? Here is the chart from the past 8 tests (sorry, it is not accepting my .png file).

Again, I have had type 1 diabetes for about 6 years. A very odd, late diagnosis at age 34. Very healthy otherwise. 5'9" male about 145lbs.

Worried about the side effects of an ACE inhibitor. Have discussed an ARB with doctor, but he says that the ACE has better outcomes for type 1s.

Standard Range
4/27/12 7/15/13 10/8/14 12/4/15 5/2/17 3/26/18 4/26/18 2/7/19
CREATININE, URINE 43 15.2 177.2 19.0 44.9 17.6 56.4 26.7

<30.0 mg/gcreat

MICROALBUMIN0 .10 <1.20 <1.20 <1.20 <1.2 <1.2 <1.2 <1.2
Not Estab. mg/dL
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