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  Friday, 15 February 2019
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So I got denied life insurance in October for having abnormal lab results. Went to the Dr. yesterday to get lab results and while the general results said negative for protein in urine, when I looked at the microlbumin test /ACR the results are off the charts for the ACR. Not diabetic and blood pressure is typically in the 120/130s. 32yr old White male. EGFR 97+. 6' tall 250 lbs. Dr wants to retest in 3 weeks and if it's still high do a nephrology consult. One more question I had is can drinking too much water mess up the results? My PA back in October said that maybe I was dehydrated so I have been drinking around 100 ounces sometimes more of water a day. Before the testing I drank approx 40 ounces of water in a 2 hour period before the test. Thanks so much.

CREAT U 23.7 mg/dL
MICROALB U 46 ug/mL standard range 0 - 45 ug/mL
MICROAL/CR 21,932 ug/mmol creatinine standard range 0-3,500 ug/mmol creatinine

PH 6.0
BLOOD Negative
KETONES Negative
PROTEIN Negative
NITRITE Negative
5 years ago
Just for some more Info here are the lab results I got in October. In comparison I do see that the microalbumin itself went down but the creatinine went down a lot as well in my current testing. What can make urine creatinine vary so much? If I did my calculations correct if I had the current microalbumin levels with the old creatinine from October it would be within the normal range. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks.

Urine albumin and creatinine concentrations can vary with the degree of urine concentration or dilution. Drinking water can lower the concentration of both substances, but in the ratio, that affect gets cancelled out (by division) - that is the beauty of the ratio. So when analyzing such tests, you can skip right to the ratio rather than looking at the individual components. They are included mainly to verify the math of the ratio.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
In general, while these results seem "off the charts", you have microalbuminuria which represents a very small amount of excess protein in the urine. If you do not have hypertension, reduced kidney function nor any signs of systemic disease (diabetes, lupus etc), then this might reflect only a minor and fairly benign abnormality. However, looking further in to it with some basic investigations including an abdominal ultrasound is a good idea.

I can only base my opinion on the information provided and your health-care provider might arrive at different conclusions once you have provided an entire history and had a physical examination performed. As always, this forum provides general medical information only and is limited to educational use only. Please discuss the above remarks with your health-care provider.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
5 years ago
Thanks for the reply. Luckily I work in the ultrasound field and have been able to look at myself. Kidneys look fine..liver is slightly fatty which I have been trying to reduce by lifestyle changes, everything else checks out ok. No other medical issues other than BP in the 120s to 130s which is why im worried/confused as to why I'm leaking some protein. I have really only been monitoring my blood pressure the last few months so it may have been consistently in the 130s for years possibly. When I do my follow up urinalysis in 3 weeks I will post results with an update. I really appreciate it.
5 years ago
Had another urinalysis yesterday. Still showing protein in the urine. Numbers are:

CREAT U 30.7 mg/dL
MICROALB U 3.5 mg/dL
ACR 114

Definitely disappointed. I'm assuming the PCP will do a consult with nephrology but nothing has been said yet. Like stated previously no real risk factors so who knows. Kidney via ultrasound look ok.
Hi there,

It is important to remember that while technically abnormal, this represents a tiny amount of excess protein that may represent little if any underlying kidney disease. It's worth checking it out, but in its current firm, whatever the underlying problem would appear to be very mild.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
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