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  Tuesday, 26 February 2019
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Hello. I am a healthy, normal 35 years old male. I had a dull pain in my flank area for a while, and went to a doctor. (NOTE; I live in a foreign country and communicating with the doctors is very difficult. That is why I am asking this question here.)
Ultrasound showed nothing abnormal, but blood test showed Creatinie: 2.00/ BUN: 37/ Urea: 79 and the doctor said that my kidneys are "a little impaired". He said we should follow though.
Went back for another blood test after 15 days and everything had come back to normal Creatinie;1.08/ BUN; 16/ Urea; 34.2.
The doctor said 'that there is nothing wrong with my kidneys and they work pretty normal and I have to go to a general practitioner for my flank pain because it is not from my kidneys.'
I asked the doctor what might have been the reason that my blood showed abnormality in the first blood test; he explained, but I did not understand well, unfortunately.
Can someone explain what might have caused my blood creatining and other things change in first blood test (I had drunk a cheap little bottle of wine the night before my first test) Can drinking alcohol raise Creatinine and Urea and BUN??? I am a bit concerned about that because I didn't understand the doctor.
But he said no further test is required and your kidney and urine system are flawless.
Can someone explain a bit? What might have caused my Creatinie and BUN and Urea level raise in the first blood test???
Thank you very much

Transient increases in your creatinine can occur in the setting of volume contraction [dehydration], when starting certain medications or during episodes of kidney stones, to name only a few examples. It is interesting that you experienced flank pain at the same time this was all occurring. It is possible therefore that you passed a stone without your knowledge. I realize that your ultrasound was normal but perhaps the stone had passed by then. Ultimately, it is difficult to go backwards in time once you were tests have normalized. Nevertheless, try and recall if you ever saw any stone material, blood or particulate matter in your urine when this was occurring. As well it would be important to know if you currently take any medications or were taking any supplements of any kind during this episode.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
5 years ago
Thank you so much for your timely response, Doctor. I used to take Creatine, magnesium, several multi-vitamins, But stopped altogether a while before going to the doctor because I thought the pain must be because something that I eat.
I was also lifting weights and had an hour of intense exercise almost everyday.
I must mention that I still have my flank pain (It is not gone), but It is VERY gradually fading away. It has been there for months. First, left side and then right. It has been less and less ever-since. I would say almost gone.
I also had a little frequent urination at nights which is also almost gone.
Now I do not take any supplement or medication. I normally do not take any medication at all. even for a simple headache I never take pain reliever. I eat very healthy and I am very active and slim.
The main question is should I have more/periodic blood tests just in case or forget about that?
(Can I 100% say that I DO NOT have any permanent kidney disease?)
Have you had any assessment of your urine protein?

In the absence urinary protein abnormality and now seemingly normal creatinine and normal ultrasound (and assuming also normal blood pressure and no signs of illness elsewhere), then there does not appear any evidence of permanent kidney disease.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
5 years ago
My doctor first asked me to take blood and urine test and said that the only abnormality that we must follow with a second test was in my blood test.
I remember he highlighted the creatine and Urea and BUN.
Second test he asked me to Only take blood test. He said I do not need to do urine test again.
I guess it means that my urine test was normal in the first test, so he did not ask me to do that again.
Hopefully it is what you mean by "assessment of your urine protein"
And as far as I know, I have no other disease.
Thank you so much, Sir
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