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  Friday, 01 March 2019
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I wonder if you could help me with a couple of concerns.

Firstly, my GP has told me I have CKD stage 3a and it turns out I have probably had this for at least 10 years (now that I can view my previous results online) When I asked my GP what should be done about it I was told 'nothing, it's just part of the aging process? I am not old! I am a fit and healthy 55 year old, not overweight, I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, exercise regularly and have no other ailments. Is there any other reason I would have this and wouldn't it be better to at least recommend what I can and cannot eat.

I asked if it was safe to continue with vigorous exercise. I like to mountain bike and climb mountains (with full backpack) but am I making my kidneys worse by doing that. My doctor had no advice to give me. Now I have made myself worry about doing those things without damaging my kidneys further.

I would like to know should I be looking at my diet and can I still do the same excercise?

Many Thanks

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Do you have any history of:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Smoking
  • Kidney disease in family

Do you take any medications - including anything over the counter, supplements, pain killers etc? What is your blood pressure?

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
5 years ago
Hi Thank you for replying

My Uncle on my Fathers side was diabetic but otherwise there is no family history of any of the above. The doctor tested by blood gluscose levels and they were normal. My BP is about 125 over 80 (although I do seem to get postural hypotension quite a lot which I've had since I was a teenager). I do have white coat syndrome so my BP is always sky high when I am at the doctors but otherwise normal. I am not on any medication for anything? I am really into my healthy food so I don't eat processed food (very occasionally only) I have had 2 slipped discs about 20 years ago and was prescribed Naproxen but I never took more than was advised? I have taken Ibuprofen over the years but again I know what the limits of those are and have never over used.

Many Thanks
Regular (daily or otherwise frequent) use of NSAIDs (even if it is within the limits of the label) should be discouraged if you have kidney disease not otherwise explained. Fortunately, your kidney function levels have not changed over the course of 10 years (according to your remarks above) and protein levels in the urine are very minimal. Taken together, this does provides reassurance that nothing progressive appears to be going on. An abdominal ultrasound would be useful to determine that you have two kidneys and that they are structurally normal. There is no reason you couldn't exercise, provided you remain well hydrated.

I can only base my opinion on the information provided and your health-care provider might arrive at different conclusions once you have provided an entire history and had a physical examination performed. As always, this forum provides general medical information only and is limited to educational use only. Please discuss the above remarks with your health-care provider.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
5 years ago
Many Thanks for taking the time to reply. I am working up the courage to ask to see a different doctor as my current doctor is definitely not interested and ha never given me a full abdominal examination or asked any pertinent questions about my lifestyle, family history or other symptoms. I get intimidated so forget to mention things I probably should! Anyway onwards and upwards :)
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