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  1. Alao Timilehin
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  3. Tuesday, 11 June 2019
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Hi there
I’m a student in Nigeria, with health concerns.. I started noticing foamy urine about months ago from early this year to this present day June 11.. Although the foamy urine is not consistent but it’s a cause for worry for me because I have a blood pressure a little higher than my age should have about 140/100mg.. sometimes elevated to 170/110mg due to anxiety I guess.. I’m a smoker, marijuana smoker actually and I exercise regularly.. I participate in many physical activities like football, jogging etc which I felt should help me in decreasing my blood pressure but I haven’t really noticed any significant lowered blood pressure... Should I be worried about this foamy urine that is not consistent but tends to appear time to time..
  Akanbi-1v, Nigeria
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Your blood pressure is a concern and might be linked to your foamy urine. I suggest that you get your urinary protein quantified (with an albumin to creatinine ratio or 24 hour urine). At a minimum, you should have a simple urinalysis to detect protein. I would not simply attribute your high blood pressure to anxiety; this must be evaluated further by your physician.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
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