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  Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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I would be very grateful if you could give me your opinion. Sorry for any mistakes as i am from Europe and not a native speaker.

In late January this year, I had a a flu, but had to keep working (playing music), so one day I ingested total of 3g of acetaminophen (that comes as a soluble hot drink, I did not realize this was stronger version with 1g per pack, not 500mg) and I somehow forgot about the interactions and had 3 beers. The next day I had 1g acetaminophen in the morning and in the evening had 2-3 beers and maybe 1 drink i can`t remember precisely... In the upcoming weeks, I had not experienced any symptoms of liver or renal failure, however since then I get abdominal pain under right rib, but It responds to omeprazole (i have GERD). I also started to have some back issues in the location of kidneys, that seem to come and go regardless of body movement. After that I read some studies about acetaminophen being toxic to kidneys in combination with alcohol even in therapeutic doses and damage kidneys without liver failure.
I went to my gastroenterologist - ultrasound fine, blood test all within norm (dont have the exact results)... I also purchased the urine dip sticks and had fine results... but earlier this month (after drinking while celebrating birthday) I tried another dip stick - this time the urine in glass was quite foamy and dip stick was slightly positive on protein, bilirubin and urobilinogen..
I freaked out and went for another blood test and ultrasound, everything within range.
The results were Creatinine - 91 umol/l
Urea - 3,8 mmol/l
q_qGFkrea - >1,50ml/s/1.73m2
Bilirubin 18 umol/l

the chemical analysis of urine came back negative for protein(which i find odd, as it was very foamy when i took sample in glass)

My question is should I take more tests - ACR and Cystatin C? Is it possible that the one time acetaminophen alcohol combination caused chronic kidney disease? Or some damage that I made worse by alcohol consumption? Isn`t the creatinine way to high (Some calculators gave me results under 100 GFR)? I dont want to come of as hypochondriac, but I am really afraid the CKD.

I am 28 year old male, 68kg, 180cm height.

Thank you very much.
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