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  Friday, 02 October 2020
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I’m very concerning about my kidney function but not getting any answers.
I have a very high ESR (81), Mild lymphocytosis, CRP (9),

I’ve previously had high ACR, high PCR, some WBC in urine, possible chronic infection on US, now decreasing eGFR an increasing ESR. High IGA.

No one had put all These together. I feel like my urine is very cloudy some days. I think definite kidney damage is going on but is being overlooked because no one doctor is putting these together, they each look at each individual test over the last couple of years.

march 19–Urine creatinine 4,566 umol/L (doubled since last reading)

Urine ACR 5.04 mg/mmol


May 19–Urine PCR 36mg/mmol
Total protein level-0.05 g/L
Urine creatinine 1.35 mmol/l
Urine Albumin level <3.0 mg/L
Unable to calculate ACR?


July 19

Protein nil
Glucose nil
Ketones Nil
pH 6.0
WBC 500/ CMM

Urine culture :- no growth

EGFR >90 ml/min/1.73m2
Creatinine 57 umol/l


Sept 19

Simple cyst (9X11mm) on left upper cortex
A thin urinalysis sludge:-Impression of chronic infection


JULY 2020

EGFR 80ml/min/1.73m2
Serum creatinine 72 umol/L
ESR 34 mm/hr
IGA 5.3 g/L

Sept 2020

Serum Creatinine 75 Umol/L
ESR 81

Urine PCR
Urine creatinine 3.12 mmol/L
Urine total protein <0.04 g/L
PCR -: unable to calculate?

Please help! Im getting desperate to get answers.May be I can point the investigation in the right direction with your help and get a diagnosis after such a long time.

How old are you?

To clarify, your urinary albumin protein is zero (normal) and your eGFR is within the normal range (except the two creatinine levels have changed slightly in the interim. Do you have creatinine levels from past years? Urinary creatinine concentration is not a useful lab test and is used only to calculate the albumin to creatinine ratio; a rising level is of no concern. While you may have chronic UTIs, that does not mean you have kidney damage per se.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
3 years ago
Thank you for your response. I’m 48 Female, Indian, Prediabetic (44 HbA1c) now, but was HbA1c 48 last year (Diet and excercise), BMI 31.

My previous urine creatnine was 2365 in Dec 2017, if that helps.

It’s due to ongoing high ESR, mild lymphocytosis 4.8-5.2 and IGA, hence the concern that something seems to be going on.

Urine and serum creatnine have been creeping up, now noticed decreasing eGFR. ?

Many Thanks for any guidance.
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