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  Tuesday, 26 December 2023
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Understanding Random Urine Test

Hello everyone. I hope everything is as good as it can be. I just wanted some help understanding my random urine test since a lot of the markers didnt include normal ranges except for acr and pcr. My nephro just said I had microalbumin and not to worry too much and gave me some losartan(i was at 25mg but talked them into upping it to 50mg). Most of the time my bp is perfect, dialstolic stays in the 60-70s so they dont want to increase dose anymore. I was well hydrated for this urine test maybe even overhydrated and i have been on a very low protein diet the past month and trying best to follow dash style diets and drinkin a lot of water...just worried about ckd and its stressing me out.


Urine Creatinine: 22.2 mg/dl
Protein: 12.4 mg/dl
Protein/Creatinine Ratio: 559 mg/g

Urine Microalbumin: 85.6 ug/ml
Albumin/Creatinine Ratio: 386 mg/g

Blood test from last month...

EGFR: >60 (the NKF calculater puts it in the 88, and its always been in the 80s according to that calculator)

Creatinine: 1.14 mg/dl (was 1.3 a year ago, then 1.2 a month later, and then 1.15 a month before current result)

BUN: 9 mg/dl (over past year was 19, 7, 17)

Albumin: 4.3 g/dl (same as last year)

Cholesterol, glucose, sodium, and potassium all good in normal range, most are on the lower side of normal.

Any insight would be great... I know the ratios(pcr/acr) are high for the urinalysis but looking online at normal urine albumin levels, creatinine and protein levels individually show that my low side of normal urine creatinine might be spiking the pcr and acr.

Thank you.

Ps - 37 yo male 6ft 220lbs, not obese. No diabetes and BP ran in the 130s over 70s prior to starting losartan so not crazy hypertensive.
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