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  Sunday, 21 April 2013
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50 yr old male was seen in emergency room for possible TIA, pt had grand mal seizure. MRI with Gadolinum contrast was performed. Labs done after the MRI with gadolinum was performed. labs done after MRI showed BUN=10mg/dl Cr= 1.0 Na= 140meq/l K= 4meq/l Cl=105meq/l Hco3=13meq/l Mg=1.8mg/dl Ca=6.2mg/dl Labs before MRI areBUN=10mg/dl Cr= 1.0 Na= 140meq/l K= 4meq/l Cl=105meq/l Hco3=25meq/l Mg=1.8mg/dl Ca=10.5mg/dl Alb=4gm/dl Q1. What is cause of Low calcium & low Hco3 after Gadolinum contrast?
11 years ago
Hello, Have you seen this report: [url=]Severe Pseudohypocalcemia after Gadolinium-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Angiography[/url] Dr. Jordan Weinstein
11 years ago
thanks for your attention dr Jordan. i ve read that report already, but problem is that why that patient develop metabolic acidosis(High Anion Gap + HCMA)? Any idea please let me know.
11 years ago
There is not a know association with gadolinium and metabolic acidosis to my knowledge.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
11 years ago
Thanx Dr Jordan. i ll let u know, if i got something about this.
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