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  3. Monday, 02 December 2013
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A common practice in my country when a patient with immunosuppresive treatment (glomerulopathy, kidney transplant) has an infection ussually the baseline immunosuppressive treatment is changed, sometimes suspension of MMF and tacrolimus and substitution for steroids only , however I haven't found any guideline that suggest how to do it.
  San Jose, Costa Rica
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In our transplant center, we generally will hold (in particular) the antimetabolite (imuran or mycophenolate) during episodes of infection requiring hospitalization. There are no trials that I am aware of to inform us on this practice, but is done as a matter of common practice. I would imagine that this would be a very difficult study to randomize for practical reasons and so this recommendation might forever be based on 'expert opinion'.

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
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In our transplant center we will hold the MMF, keep steroids, and shoot for the lower end of our accepted ranges for Tacrolimus. A general guide we use for post transplant Tacrolimus ranges are: month 0-3 (8-12 ng/ml), month 3-6 (6-10ng/ml), and > 6 months (4-8ng/ml).
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Yes, but not Dr. Benmoussa, Nurse Practitioner Benmoussa! :)
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