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  Tuesday, 27 December 2011
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I have hypertension and chronic kidney disease. Also, I'm a type 2 diabetic. I was in stage 4 but have improved to stage 3 and am stabilized. My kidney specialist has advised me to lower my protein, potassium and phosphate intake. I went to a dietitian and that proved to be information that might help for a couple of days. I want to follow a proper diet in order to prolong my life.   Here's the point...I have a list of do and don't foods but no information as to how to prepare interesting recipes and meals. The biggest obstacle for me is that in order to help the diabetes I need to eat such things as: whole wheat cereals, breads, nuts, etc. But for the kidneys I should not eat any of these things. The two diets contradict each other. Is there a book of recipes anywhere that I can buy to cover meals for kidney failure and type 2 diabetes?   This is a big problem for people like me and after searching and searching, I haven't found anything in print that gears a diet for kiidney failure and type 2 diabetes combined. Is there such a publication? When visiting the doctor, he told me what to do and, of course, not how to do it. I went to the dietitian to learn more. I got lists of what to eat and what not to eat. The problem is preparing a meal. I can pull out the meat, vegetables, rice, etc., but meal plans and recipes are what are really needed. Thank you, Janice Cromar
12 years ago

Dietary information is very controversial in CKD. Protein restriction and phosphorus reduction are the most widely prescribed regimens but they are notoriously difficult to comply with and frankly, lack conclusive data whether they are truly important. Having said this, if one decides to restrict protein and phosphorus and perhaps sodium, there are some recipe resources that can help. Three resources are linked below in the reference section. The first is the newest and probably your best bet.

Best of luck,

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