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  Sunday, 26 September 2021
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I am a 40F generally healthy with a history of ANA antibodies and hypothyroidism. No other health issues.

My Creatinine has been creeping up during the years. 5 years ago it was around 60-75. Now it's about 80-90. I had a few readings this year:

Normal range 45-90
92 - lab assay error marked on form

Micro protein ACR was negative earlier this year. Dipstick protein negative today at ER where I went because I'm so scared and depressed about this.

Do I have autoimmune kidney disease? I have no hypertension, no diabetes, take nearly no meds except for synthroid. The lowest dose. I am thin and walk a lot - sometimes 1-2 hrs a day.

The readings from this year are higher than your baseline but I would like to know the dates for each of the values above to see if it is a significant trend. The lack of proteinuria is reassuring. Was there any blood on the urine? Have you had an abdominal ultrasound?

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
2 years ago
Thank you for the fast reply. Here are some lab results. The most recent results use a slightly different scale because different lab. No, I haven't had any abdominal
Ultrasound except I had a baby 1.5 years ago but not sure if they checked my kidneys then or not. I'm so worried about what could be causing this.
It's really the last two readings which seem to be out of step with your historical ones. I would get an ultrasound done as a first priority, to ensure kidney drainage is normal. I would ensure you have a urine microscopy done to see if blood is present and to look for urinary casts. Depending on the results of the ultrasound I would then proceed with other blood tests. Do you use any supplements or over the counter medications?

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
2 years ago
Thanks so much. I'm so so worried. I only take tums and sometimes synthroid.
I definitely would not panic at this time. Where in the world are you located. Do you have access to an ultrasound and/or a nephrologist?

Dr. Jordan Weinstein
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