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High cut-off hemodialysis for the treatment of multiple myeloma

Myeloma cast nephropathy has a very high morbidity and mortality, largely due to many of these patients' dependence on hemodialysis. Several attempts have been made to improve these outcomes with extracorporeal strategies that remove toxic light chains characteristic of this disease. In the latest issue of the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, investigators report on an uncontrolled pilot study of high cut off hemodialysis (HCO-HD), a strategy that removes light chains in addition to traditional solutes. Although uncontrolled, 75% of patients studied became independent of dialysis compared to traditional studies where fewer than 25% come off dialysis. This promising result will be studied further in a multicenter randomized control trial, known as EuLITE (European Trial of Free Light Chain Removal by Extended Hemodialysis in Cast Nephropathy).


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